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Episode 5: Breaking Free from the Burden of Imposter Syndrome

Updated: Jun 26, 2022

About this Episode

Even those of us with the highest levels of confidence may encounter feelings of doubt or insecurity about our skills and abilities. And starting and/or running a business comes with many challenges that may send our doubts into overdrive! Are these fleeting thoughts or a sign of something bigger? Imposter Syndrome, perhaps?

The phenomenon of Imposter Syndrome was developed by two female psychologists in 1978 to describe "intellectual phoniness" despite having high academic and professional achievement. In a more recent article, Imposter Syndrome Hits Harder When You're Black, Jolie A. Doggett explained that "it’s the feeling that you don’t belong here, wherever 'here' is for you: the office, your friend group, the classroom or the boardroom. It doesn’t matter how qualified you are, how much experience you have or how much reassurance and positive feedback you may receive. With imposter syndrome, you can’t shake the notion that you’re just not as capable as others may believe you are and therefore you’re doomed for failure." Imposter Syndrome is real and it is a form of--or a result of other forms of--oppression and marginalization. So how do we overcome it?

In this episode, business and wedding photographer, Shawn Shepard, discusses the limitations she put on herself and her challenges with Imposter Syndrome. She shares what she's done to overcome it AND how she's helping other women break the cycle by building consistent content to win in business.

Guest Bio

Shawn is a branding and wedding photographer based in Atlanta, GA. Originally from Savannah, she enjoys helping entrepreneurs create consistent content and seeing them win, spending time with family, eating good food, and partaking in the ancient art of Karaoke.

Shawn offers a Branding Session Subscription, which is a monthly or quarterly photo shoot relationship for business owners and personal brands who understand that consistent content is key to standing out in their industry, reaching their ideal client, and increase sales.

Learn more at Connect with Shawn on IG: @triple_s_shots!

Podcast guest headshot
Shawn Shepard of Triple S Shots


The I Come As One podcast is a convergence of all things Black women, with an emphasis on sharing and healing from our experiences in the workplace. Created and co-hosted by a talented trio of scholar-practitioners who recognized the need for powerful conversations, this space is designed to not only empower and inspire, but also provide information and resources to promote positive change.

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