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Episode 8: It's Giving "Closed Mouths Don't Get Fed"

About this Episode

The transition from college to career can be tough! It's imperative to create and expand your network, gaining the leverage necessary to shoot up the corporate ladder.

On this episode of I Come As One, career development expert, Desiree Strickland, is giving us strategies for taking charge our of careers by reaching out, raising our voices, and positioning ourselves to do big things! Dr. Des says, "If you want something you never had then you have to do something you've never done. Get out your comfort zone and make moves."

Guest Bio

Dr. Des is a Florida native who currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia. She is a public health professional on the senior level, with expertise in chronic disease prevention, childhood obesity prevention, health policy and project management. She is also an adjunct professor, who teaches courses in Health Disparities & Minority Health.

Dr. Des has served as the hiring manager in different areas of her field since 2018. She has also managed a multitude of interns and public health professionals. She has always enjoyed managing and teaching interns and noticed the lack of professional development education students receive in their educational careers.

By developing Young Black & Professional, Desiree hopes to continue to serve young black professionals by offering insight into the professional world and assistance with how to navigate that world while being a young black college graduate.

Connect with Dr. Des at and be sure to listen to her podcast. Follow on IG @Youngblackandprofessional!

Podcast guest headshot
Desiree Strickland


The I Come As One podcast is a convergence of all things Black women, with an emphasis on sharing and healing from our experiences in the workplace. Created and co-hosted by a talented trio of scholar-practitioners who recognized the need for powerful conversations, this space is designed to not only empower and inspire, but also provide information and resources to promote positive change.

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